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General Settings

This area lets you decide basic settings of your site as a whole.

In The Dashboard of your site:

  • Appearance -> Customize -> General Settings

Padding from Top of Monitor in pixels The space from the top of the screen to the beginning of your site.

Background of Whole Monitor If you didn’t choose an image as a background you may select a color instead.

Width of Your Site in Pixels This is where you select the width of your site, what is displayed, for a full monitor – not a Tablet or Phone. Your site is automatically centered in the screen.

Border Width of Your Site in Pixels If you don’t want a border around your site enter 0.

Border Color of Your Site Select the color of your border.

Padding of Your Site in Pixels The space between the border and your site.

Background of Your Site

  • Color – Choose a color.
  • Transparent – If you want your site to have a transparent background. For example of you chose a Background Image for the whole display that image will now show on your site as the background. If you want for example the Left Sidebar to be transparent you need to go to Left Sidebar in Customizer and select Transparent there.
  • None – For most sites Transparent and None are the same.

Background Color of Your Site If you choose the option Color for the Background of Your Site, this is where you select that color.

Rounded Corners of Each Box Element 1 means that there is no rounding in the corners. The higher the number the more round. This setting applies to the Sidebars, Widgets, Content Area and Footer. To get the rounded effect in the menus where the buttons abut either the left or right select to have a Border of for example 1px with a color of the same as the background to hide that border.


When Done click Save and Publish

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